Someday, when I'm 80, I'll look back on this blog, and realize what life I had back in the day. I will be able to show my grandchildren what I looked like when I was a little girl, what type of person I was. What made me sad, and what made me happy. Technically this is my own personal blog that I would keep updating everyday, for my entire life. Your choice to follow this blog or not. If not follow my other blog, If you follow this one, hopefully you can get to know me more, and know who I really am. :) <3 Ask me anything, and I'll answer it all :) I graduated from Highschool, attending CSUF, Key Clubber D3S, Region 7. So if ya'll a key club member, hook me up :D LOL Alright I'm good :D I don't bite, get to know me ;D
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